4.1 Physical Facilities

Each department has large classrooms with raised platforms. Smart Classrooms are available in 7 departments. Every block of the college has Divyangjan amenities. kayal Arangam is a 2000-seat open auditorium, the RUSA Hall has 150 seats, the Foulkes Hall has 100 seats, and there are two other spacious halls with a seating capacity of 200 students. National and international conferences and seminars, as well as Ph.D. Vivo-Voce is held in these venues. Laboratories and Instruments: All science departments have the instruments needed to conduct laboratory exercises. The instrumentation facilities are strengthened by equipment purchased by RUSA, Autonomy, and the STATE GOVT FUND. Three Ladies Hostel We have three hostels with 150 rooms for students to stay in with hostel scholarships, as well as a store with all accessible commodities for hostel inmates to use for a modest fee. Undergraduate students have access to two hostels, whereas postgraduate students have access to one hostel.