4.4 Maintenance of Campus Infrastructure

Library Facilities: Stock verification is done on a regular basis as part of the monitoring and control
process. Pest treatment is performed on a regular basis to keep books free of termites. A Library Committee has been formed to coordinate learning resource coordination. Purchasing new books and renewing journals, as well as making recommendations for other works of literature.

Update and enhance the library’s contents on a regular basis, in accordance with curriculum changes. Computers: The institute has a considerable number of computers that are connected to the internet and run utility software. Lab Assistants and Lab-In Charges maintain computer systems, UPS, software, and servers.

The Laboratory Attendant maintains the laboratories on a regular basis. As part of the procedure, equipment records are kept in the Stock Register. All types of equipment are properly maintained, inspected, and serviced on a regular  
 If major breakdown maintenance is required, it is handled by companies.

The sports committee and the support staff are in charge of maintaining the facilities. Before the start of each semester, classroom amenities such as lighting and fans, LCD projector and sound system, and internet connection availability are inspected. Procedures and Policies for Maintaining and Utilizing Physical, Academic, and Support facilities, Laboratory, Library, Sports Complex, Computers, and Classrooms